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My AC Quit… So I Tried This Weird Clay Pot Thing and OMG

Eco-Friendly AC? Say Hello to Terracotta (and Other Options!)

Ugh, summer is brutal! I have never been much of a supporter of buying Air Conditioner, so one wasn’t exactly in the budget. But then I came across this concept called “Eco-Friendly AC” – basically, cooling your space without relying on electricity. Sounda too good to be true, right?

The concept of eco friendly air conditioner
The concept of eco friendly air conditioner

The Sciencey Stuff

This Eco-Friendly AC contraption uses something called “evaporative cooling”. It’s the same way you feel cooler after sweating – the water takes heat away as it evaporates. These clay pots of the the AC , are porous, so they soak up water. As the water evaporates, it cools the inside – just like magic . Since clay pots might not be super common in the US, there are ceramic or even DIY options with damp towels that work the same way!

The terracotta air conditioner by the brand CoolAnt
The terracotta air conditioner by the brand CoolAnt

The ‘I Tried It’ Moment

Look, I was skeptical, but also desperate. Plus, the thing looked kinda like a giant beehive, so worst-case scenario, it was a conversation piece. However, my verdict is  surprisingly awesome! Okay, it won’t turn your room into the Arctic, but it definitely takes the edge off the heat. Plus, no electricity bills and it’s way better for the environment. Win-win, for both, right?


Q. Does this clay pot thing actually work?

 A. Kinda! It’s not as powerful as a traditional AC, but it makes a difference.

Q. Is it expensive? 

    A. Nope! Way cheaper than a standard AC unit.

    Q. Can I make one myself? 

    A. If you’re crafty, definitely! There are tons of DIY tutorials online.But it won’t be big and effective as a commercial one.

    Q. My Eco-Friendly AC Love

    A. Honestly, this clay pot contraption isn’t going to replace air conditioners entirely. But it’s a brilliant step in the right direction. If you’re looking for an affordable and eco-friendly way to beat the heat, I say give it a try. You might just be pleasantly surprised, like I was.

    FYI : This whole concept is based on the working principle of the terracotta ACs by CoolAnt. Please visit their website if you want to know about this in more detail.

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    Let me know if you’ve tried these Eco-friendly AC and if not, then what do you think about it?!

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