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How Long Does Prior Authorization Take? 

A Peek Behind the Curtain of Healthcare Red Tape

Waiting for prior authorization approvals is almost same as waiting for a tardy bus on a rainy Monday morning. Especially when it comes to costly treatments . Its frustrating, unpredictable, and filled with existential crisis.

Prior Authorization Form
Prior-auth request form

The Waiting Game: A Test of Patience

When it comes to medical treatments, consider you’re eagerly anticipating your next medical procedure to be done. But there’s a catch – you need prior- auth. 

How long will it take? minutes? hours? or centuries? In some cases it almost feels like eons. But, even after waiting for so long, comes a status -Denied! The Heartbreak of Rejection

It gives us a feeling of getting a flat tire on the road to healthcare – a sudden halt to your journey, with no AAA in sight.

Can delay in authorization approval worsen the conditions of critical Patients?

Treatment delays for critical patients can have severe consequences. Worsening their condition and potentially leading to adverse outcomes.

These delays may stem from various factors such as administrative departments, prior-auth requirements, or medical documents within the healthcare system. It’s crucial to address these delays promptly to ensure timely access to life-saving care for patients in need.

prior authorization request
prior authorization request


Q: How long does urgent prior authorization take?

A: About as long as a snail on a leisurely stroll.

Something that is slow and steady but not certain about winning a race.

Q. Can I skip prior authorization altogether?

A: In a perfect world, sure. In reality, not so much.

Q: Is prior authorization delaying my treatment?

A: Yes, that’s mostly what happens, unless an expedited request is sent.

So, how long does prior authorization take? – that’s a question that is, as tough as coming out of a maze. 

Or maybe we should call it, the maze of modern medicine!

Reference : Healio

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