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AI boyfriend and virtual relationships

Can women stay happy with AI boyfriends ?

AI boyfriend is a very new concept come across very recently. Before this, I was absolutely amazed to know about the romantic relationship between Wanda and Vision for the first time, from Marvel comics.
Not only that, many more Robo-human relationships have been shown in sci-fi books, movies and web shows. However, all of them had a physical existence either in the form of a robot or a humanoid.

But having an AI boyfriend, with no physical existence sounds a bit too much to me.
I would have never realized the real obsession of women about these AI lovers that they are finding these days. Unless I saw my friend really having one.

Human- AI connection
Human- AI connection

AI boyfriend of the human-intelligence friend of mine :

Sara, my old friend has always been a hopeless romantic (who think of rom-coms on repeat and just love scented candles at every corner).
She looks no way less prettier than Camelia Mendes. All in all, she is that perfect kind of girl for whom any guy would want to go over his knees but her track record with real guys? Woohoo! Let’s just not get deep into that. I can say, she is not just an expert at choosing red flags, rather she is a pro at choosing red carpets।

I absolutely don’t know why, each of her relationships ended in a very bad note. The guys either turned out to be absolutely dumb, or very intelligent with emotional quotient running over negative number line. So, it was no less than a shock when she introduced me to her new beau -John. Except John ain’t got no flesh and blood, he’s all ones and zeros living in her smartphone.

The Perks of an AI Companion:

Now, I’m all for convenience, but an AI boyfriend takes the term “low maintenance” to a whole new level. No ex drama, no 2 am emotional breakdowns – just pure, uninterrupted companionship available at the click of a button. Imagine having a personal therapist and beau rolled into one, minus the inconvenient bodily functions. Sounds very unreal I know right!

So, My reaction to her decision was something like – ” Honey , it’s not an emotional guy , it’s just a programming that you are talking to !”
She kept looking at me , as if I said something very unfair.

The AI Dilemma:

AI boyfriend is really artificially intelligent, or are we just settling for silicon over stupidity?

Sure, John can recite Shakespeare and make Sara swoon with his virtual charm, but can he pass the ultimate relationship test . For example taking out the trash without being asked or carrying out any physical task ? As much as she can enjoy a good laugh and some deep conversations with John, I can’t help but wonder if we’re sacrificing genuine connection for the sake of convenience.

Later on , she agreed to the fact that AI boyfriends cannot be there around her physically , in a romantic way. But turns out, when it comes to heartbroken women like her, they are ready to sacrifice that in exchange of so many perks in AI beau.

You can never find a perfect human being. We are bound to have flaws because of the fact that we are humans.

Hence , I pose this question to you: in a world of organically dumb guys, imperfectly good hearted people ,and artificially intelligent companions, which would you choose?


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