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Bird in Flight : Feathered Catastrophe!

Goose -the Murderer

“Bird in Flight” – is not just a poetic phrase. Rather , it is the the unexpected star of a recent aviation disaster! The reason was that, a bird casually took a stroll into the world of helicopters, playing a game of hide-and-seek in the flight control system. 

If only geese had pilot licenses!

A flying goose
A flying goose

Bird in flight and the Encounter: Goose Takes the Wheel

A medical helicopter crashed in Oklahoma, and the culprit? A goose! Yes, the NTSB report goes, “Honk, we found a goose in the control room!” Now, I’ve heard of unexpected passengers, but this takes the cake.We’ve got geese on a chopper

The Nature’s consequences

The incident occurred as the helicopter was returning to Weatherford after transporting a patient to an Oklahoma City hospital. The collision with a goose led to a catastrophic event, resulting in the unfortunate and untimely deaths of the entire crew. It serves as a somber reminder of the unpredictability of nature and the fragility of human life in the face of unexpected challenges.


1. Why did the helicopter crash?

   – A goose joined the crew – blame it on the bird-brained decision!

2. What’s the meaning of a bird in flight tattoo?

   – It signifies a free spirit, not a flight school dropout!

3. Can birds really fly backward?

   – Some birds can, unlike our political progress.

Birds in flight wheel of leads to crashes
Birds in flight wheel of leads to crashes

Bird in flight, leading to accidents like this with a helicopter are a reminder that sometimes Mother Nature has her own chaotic plans. Despite advanced aviation technology, nature’s winged troublemakers can still throw a wrench into the best-laid human engineering.

Perhaps it’s time for the aviation industry to invest in “bird traffic control” or offer geese flying lessons – just to keep the skies a bit more organized. After all, in the airspace game, geese seem to be asserting their right of way with flair!

Reference : The Guardian

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