Cost of a new air conditioner and my mom’s air-raising adventure

The Scorching Story of a New Air Conditioner

In this sweltering weather that Kolkata has become this summer (34°C average, mind you!), my house has transformed into a sauna. Just forget that Kolkata is known as the “City of Joy,” rather it’s more like the city to boil. Two fans, an air cooler, and I’m still getting desert vibes – without the cool evenings, unfortunately.

Even my poor fur babies are panting all day, and Mom, well, she’s usually stingy with appliances, but even she has had enough. This is the woman who practically lectures the fridge for using too much power. But nowadays she is drenched in sweat after kitchen duty. So, she declared, “We’re getting an AC!”

new air conditioner

The Air-Conditioned Journey Begins (Or Does It?)

Off we went to a fancy electronics store, it was of the kind where the salespeople greet you with a dollar-sign grin. They immediately steered us towards the most expensive models, rattling off features like “internal inverter” and “self-adjusting temperature” , etc etce, as if we were the Ambanis. I wanted to say newsflash, buddy, we ain’t wearing Gucci.

When they dropped the 80k price tag, Mom nearly fainted. I did too, a little. They finally showed us the “affordable” range, still around 50k, but supposedly justified by the five-star energy rating.

The Online Oasis (Mirage?)

Meanwhile, I was furiously Googling the same model, and ld, it’s 10k cheaper online! But wait, there’s more to it! I saw that a sale is coming up where it’ll be 20k off. Immediately I saw my Mom’s eyes lit up like a Diwali display. We hightailed it out of the store, leaving the bewildered salesman in our dust.

The Great Online Sale

Sale day arrives, Mom was practically vibrating with anticipation. We hit the “Buy Now” button… and it’s OUT OF STOCK. There was an option to get notified when it’s back, but Mom is determined to wait. Well, I am tempted to just buy it at the regular price, but Mom’s stubborn streak is legendary. So here we are, sweating it out, waiting for the AC that may never come.

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