Crazy stalkers OR Crazy Lovers?

All crazy lovers can be stalkers but all crazy stalkers can never be crazy lovers

Crazy stalkers are often been fancied not only by women in real life but also in movies. But let me spill the beans today on crazy stalkers today, who are more ‘crazy’ than lovers when it comes to real life.

Ah, it was a cozy weekend, the perfect time to relax and enjoy. I hit the sack early, but guess what? Sleep didn’t get the memo for us night owls!

Around 3:30am, both my mom and I were up and ready for some unexpected fun. We decided to have a movie marathon and armed ourselves with bowls of popcorn. Yep, watching romantic flicks with my mom is a bit weird, but honestly, I kinda like it. In fact, sometimes I think that she is like a 16-year-old trapped in a 52-year-old’s body!

Crazy Stalkers and crazy lovers: through the movie 

The movie we picked was all about two lovebirds who fell head over heels in college. Then, due to a car crash, the guy lost a decade’s worth of memory. So, they’re on a mission to bring back his memory and revive his love for the girl. And guess what? They need a “memory donor” – a guy who also loves the same girl. They find him. Ta-da! Enter the crazy stalker!

Hold on, I’m getting to the wickedly interesting part. The man named Cauli is still in love with a girl, even though she is now married to someone else.

And hey, if you think this kind of obsession is only in movies, oh dear, you’re mistaken!

Crazy Stalker is stalking everywhere

Crazy Stalker is stalking everywhere

Crazy stalker guy I had to deal with:

The movie reminded me of a guy named Cauli from my school. He was one of those over-the-top stalkers, but let’s call him significantly

 memorable. When I switched schools in the 8th grade, Cauli was in my class. We were just regular pals back then.

A year later, when I started dating an older student, I realized Cauli was utterly obsessed with me. This nerdy guy, who hadn’t dated anyone before, suddenly got all weirdly fascinated.

He started tailing me everywhere, even during breaks.

He seemed to enjoy the attention he got when others teased him about it and blushed like a tomato, can you imagine? Even our language teacher, knowing all this, sat us together, making him even more beet-red.

He seemed to enjoy the attention he got when others teased him about it. 

Crazy Stalkers pretend to be lovers
Crazy Stalkers pretend to be lovers

I was a tad hurt because I mistook his obsession for friendship – a form of love. 

But you know, these stalker types are just plain weirdos.

 They’re not romantic lovers like in the movies. It might seem all sweet and dreamy on the big screen, but it’s far from that in real life.

A year later, he texted me an apology for his creepy behavior. I unapologetically told him how grossed out I was, and that was the last we ever talked.

A long while later, like 2 years ago, I saw a picture of him with a girl who seemed to be our junior from school. She was on my friend list, and I was genuinely happy for him.

Is that Crazy stalker still stalking?

Fast forward to last month, and guess what? I caught him stalking my Instagram profile. I got a notification saying he followed me, but when I checked, he had already hit the “unfollow” button.

Stalking on Social Media keeps continuing
Stalking on Social Media keeps continuing

See? Psychos never really change.

P.S.: The names mentioned in the blog are completely imaginary but if you want to know if the characters are real or not, I would just leave it up to your imagination. 

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