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New ocean discovered ! What Does This Mean for Earth’s Water?

Ocean Under Ocean – discovered

Researchers have made a groundbreaking , new discovery deep within the Earth—a massive ocean lying approximately 700 kilometers beneath the surface. I know, it sounds absolutely insane !

This hidden ocean is present within the Earth’s mantle and it is three times larger than all the oceans combined. Let’s find out what does this mean for water present on Earth

The vast ocean

The Hidden Oceans:

Scientists from Northwestern University stumbled upon this astonishing find while exploring the Earth’s interior.

They unearthed a vast ocean concealed within a type of rock called ringwoodite, a revelation that raises intriguing questions about what other secrets the Earth may hold.

Water, Water Everywhere:

This discovery has profound implications for our understanding of Earth’s water cycle. Instead of water arriving on Earth through comet impacts, as previously thought, this revelation suggests that our planet may have harbored water deep within its core all along That is reshaping our perception of its origins.

The water origin theory :

To uncover this hidden ocean, scientists used seismographs to analyze seismic waves from earthquakes across the United States. These waves provided crucial insights into the presence of water deep within the Earth’s mantle, offering a glimpse into the planet’s inner workings.

FAQs: ( New Ocean Discovered)

Q: How did scientists discover this hidden ocean

A: Scientists used seismographs to study seismic waves from earthquakes, revealing the presence of water deep within the Earth’s mantle.

Q: Could this discovery change our understanding of Earth’s water cycle?

A: Yes, it challenges traditional theories about the origin of Earth’s water, suggesting it may have originated from within the planet.

Q: What implications does this discovery have for future research?

A: It opens up new dynamics for studying Earth’s interior and provides valuable insights into our planet’s geological processes.

In conclusion, the discovery of this hidden ocean offers a fascinating glimpse into the mysteries of our planet’s depths.

Reference : Wionews

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