Poor Children of India with Purest Hearts

A Jellycious Adventure in My City!

Poor children of India, with hearts purer than a baby’s laughter, crossed my path one ordinary day. What unfolded next was a heartwarming journey. I discovered the simplicity of joy and the unexpected treasures found in the most unlikely places.

The Bean Bag Tale:

On the footpath, I spotted a black bean bag. It was discarded by someone and seemingly forgotten. Yet, it had become a haven for two young souls – a 10-year-old girl and her 6-year-old brother I guess. Their infectious happiness turned that abandoned bean bag into a throne of dreams.

The Quest for Jelly:

Eager to capture this moment, I readied my phone, only to face a surprising demand from the girl. With a shy smile, she asked me ” “Didi( older sister) please don’t take any photo!” I asked her “why” in an intriguing tone.

She answered me in a very low voice, that I can snap pictures if I paid a small fee. Intrigued, I asked her the reason .She answered her desire of jelly, in a very low and soft voice.

Sweet Victory with Jellies:

Yes! just a tiny packet of jelly. A simple wish further led us on a mini-adventure through unhelpful shopkeepers and a grumpy old man.

As she showed me the small shop nearby from where I can buy jellies.

But, It seemed like, the shopkeeper and a jobless old man standing nearby, didn’t like those kids. So, they were determined to convince me not to buy anything for them.

But my determination paid off. After asking in a stronger voice, and completely ignoring the gold man’s existence, finally the shopkeeper gave me the jellies I asked for. I paid the price and gave it to them. As the siblings enjoyed their jellies, their joy outshone the busy and selfish world around us.

Poor Children of India: the photo
Captured by Me

The Phuchka Promise:

With promises of “phuchka” next time, their excitement reached new heights. Amidst their makeshift homes, under an overpass, I discovered their struggles and humble dwellings.

Candy for Clicks:

As I bid farewell, a lingering question remained: Why ask for a meager candy in exchange for a few clicks?

Then I thought, in a world that often overlooks them, these children live in the city of “humans,” not begging but trading. While their hearts remained pure amidst life’s challenges.

In the end, it wasn’t just about sweets and photographs,it was a simple reminder that happiness can be found in the smallest of gestures.

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