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“The Immigrants” is way more than just a song for superheroes.

The cool song from Thor: Ragnarök and the story behind it

The Immigrants- that awesome song from Thor: Ragnarok has an interesting story behind it. Turns out it’s not just from the movie, it’s a remake of a song from way back in 1970 by Led Zeppelin, also called “The Immigrants.” is —a classic brought back to life for Thor!

Hela from Thor Ragnarök
Hela from Thor Ragnarök

What makes ‘the immigrants” song so special?

Well, besides being super catchy, the words match Thor’s adventures perfectly.T hey are absolutely like a musical match made in heaven. Especially with the Norse mythology vibes about Vikings and Valhalla. It’s like the song was tailor-made for Thor’s hammer swings.

No Coincidence—Just Movie Magic

Now, you might be thinking, “Did they just pick any old song?” Nope! The song’s story about Vikings and their belief in Valhalla fits right into Thor’s world.It’s not luck, it’s more like the movie gods carefully chose this song to make Thor’s battles even more epic.

The immigrants marvels and FAQs

Q1: Is “The Immigrants” , made just for Thor: Ragnarok?
A1: Nope, it’s an old Led Zeppelin song, revamped for the movie.

Q2: Why did they choose this song for Thor?
A2: The lyrics matched Thor’s story about Norse mythology and Valhalla.

Q3: Did Led Zeppelin agree to use their old song in Thor?
A3: Yup, sources say Led Zeppelin gave the thumbs up for the song’s superhero comeback.

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