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Valentine Week Survival Guide

10 Hilarious Ways to Navigate the Love and the its Perks

Valentine Week- the seven-day celebration of love, laughter, and a whole lot of heart-shaped drama. As we gear up for this emotional jet plane, I’m about to take you on a satirical joyride through the highs and lows of the love-struck  days of the year.

Surviving through the valentine week
Surviving through the valentine week

Valentine Week: A Crash Course:

Welcome to Valentine Week, where each day comes with its own set of expectations and disappointments. Starting from Rose Day to Valentine’s Day, it’s a carnival of emotions wrapped in heart-shaped dreams.

It is that time of the year when lovebirds take flight, and the rest of us try not to get hit by Cupid’s arrows. As we approach this love-struck marathon, let me, your sarcastic cupid, guide you through the highs and lows of this emotional journey.

Rose Day: The Thorn in Your Side:

Rose Day, the unofficial start of the week-long festival of love. Saying “I love you” with a red rose is absolutely considered as the most romantic way (as per films).

But I would rather say that, opt for a cactus, it lasts longer and requires less attention – just like some relationships.

Propose Day: A Leap of Faith (or Folly):

Propose Day, where hearts race faster than a crazy bull . The question remains – will they say yes? or will they laugh in your face? You might feel the suspense is almost going to kill you.

But hey, at least rejection builds character, right?

Chocolate Day: Sweet Tooth, Bitter Heart:

Chocolate Day, where the world becomes the wonderland of Willy Wonka. But beware, my friends, for behind every sweet treat lies the bitter truth of unrequited love . So, Indulge wisely, or suffer the consequences on Kiss Day.

Teddy Day: A Bear-y Strange Tradition:

Teddy Day, the day when all grown adults exchange stuffed animals like it’s a kinder garden reunion. I think its because like a plush bear that collects dust on your shelf for the rest of eternity. But hey, at least it’s cuddly, right?

A cute teddy and roses
A cute teddy and roses

Promise Day: Pinky Swear or Perjury?:

Promise Day, where couples make solemn vows which eventually they’ll break faster than a New Year’s resolution. Starting from “I’ll never forget our anniversary” to “I promise to put the toilet seat down,” these pledges are as binding as a handshake with a politician.

Hug Day: Embrace or Escape?:

Hug Day, is the day when physical boundaries blur faster than the blurriness of a picture ! You need to figure out, are they hugging you out of genuine affection, or just to reach for their wallet?

The world may never know, but hey at least it’s a free hug right? More hugs means more oxytocin .

Kiss Day: Pucker Up or Shut Up:

Kiss Day – the grand finale before the big V-Day showdown. The question is ,will it be a peck on the cheek or a full-blown make-out session?

Either way, make sure your breath is minty fresh and your consent forms are signed – romance is a legal minefield, don’t forget that.

Valentine’s Day: Love in the Time of Commercialism:

And finally, comes the Valentine’s Day, the pièce de résistance of this love-struck carnival. So, whether you’re showered with roses or drowning in Ben & Jerry’s, remember that love comes in many forms – and most of them involve chocolate.

So, my dear romantics , as we pass through the treacherous waters of Valentine Week, remember to laugh, love, and never take yourself too seriously. After all, life’s too short to stress over heart-shaped chocolates and overpriced dinners.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Foolishness):

1. What’s the best gift for Valentine’s Day?

   – A sense of humor and a big box of chocolates. Trust me, you’ll need both.

2. Should I propose on Propose Day?

   – Only if you enjoy rejection and awkward silences.

3. What’s the secret to a successful Valentine’s Week?

   – Low expectations and a high tolerance for cheesy pickup lines.

Reference: Adapted from NDTV

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