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Air Purifier Plant -Neo Px: A Plant-astic Way to Freshen Up Your Air

No need of buying Air Purifying gadgets anymore!

Considering the current level of air pollution in the atmosphere, I think it’s time to get into the world of “air purifier plants,” specifically the much-hyped Neo Px. Now, the question is will it revolutionize our homes, or is it just another gymmic? Let’s find out!

The Air Purifier Plant -Neo Px’s Promise:

Scientists have come up with a pothos plant that’s been put on steroids. It’s job is, chomping down on pollutants like a hungry caterpillar on a kale leaf. That’s the idea behind Neo Px.

Yes, ofcourse I should mention that it is a bioengineered plant that is claiming to purify indoor air 30 times better than your average houseplant. 

So, what’s he secret weapon? Well, it actually has a special powder, packed with bacteria that munch on those nasty VOCs (volatile organic compounds) lurking in our homes.

Neo Px Plant
Neo Px Plant

My Green Thumb’s Up:

Okay, I’ll admit, I was intrigued. The concept is cool, and the pothos is undeniably cute. After sprinkling the magic powder (which was surprisingly easy), I patiently observed my Neo Px. 

Did it magically transform my living room into a rainforest oasis? Umm…not quite. But did I wake up with a mysterious rash or a sudden craving for benzene? Nope.

Air purifier Neo Px
Air purifier Neo Px

Now, let’s come to the main point. While I appreciate the innovation, I’m not tossing out my HEPA filter just yet. Neo Px might be a decent backup, but it’s not the superhero we’ve been waiting for. 

Some experts have raised concerns about the long-term safety of the bacteria and whether it’s truly as effective as advertised. Plus, for the price tag (around $120), I expected a bit more “oomph.”

My Opinion:

Look, I’m all for using plants to boost our well-being, and I think Neo Px is a step in the right direction. But it’s not a miracle cure for indoor air pollution. 

If you’re a plant enthusiast with extra cash to spare, give it a try. But if you are serious about clean air, stick to proven methods like HEPA filters and good ventilation.

But, one thing that gives me hope is, the fact that – as more and more this plant will get upgraded, the more efficient it should become in future.

Air Purifier Plants: Your Questions Answered:

1. Which plant purifies air the most? 

A. There’s no such one plant like that I would say.But peace lilies, snake plants, and spider plants are popular choices.

2. Do air purifying plants really work?

A. Yes, but don’t expect them to work miracles. They can remove some toxins, but not as effectively as air purifiers.

3. What plant removes 78% of airborne mold? 

A. That would be the peace lily, according to NASA’s research.

4. Which plant is good for air purifier? 

A. Many plants can help improve air quality, including those listed above, plus Boston ferns, bamboo palms, and English ivy.

Let me know what you think! Have you tried Neo Px or other air purifier plants? Share your experiences in the comments below

Reference : Tbs News

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