How to reduce screen time as a student ? 

Realistic Tips to reduce screen timing!

Are you tired of doom scrolling all day ?. Let me guess, you already tried limiting your screen time and now you are bombarded with those dreaded screen time notifications? 

Well, don’t sweat it, because I am going to suggest a few solutions to help you kick out that screen addiction. 

Scrolling through smartphone screen

I do consider myself as a screen-time warrior (and occasional victim), so I definitely understand your struggle. know dish out the goods on how to reduce screen time as a student without losing your sanity. 

So let’s start the journey towards screen detox!

How to reduce screen time :

1. Lock Your Phone Away:

There are days when you are knee-deep in study mode, while preparing to ace that exam, when suddenly… *ting!* 

A barrage of messages floods your screen, tempting you to abandon all your books and jump into the world of social media. And then before you release, you have already wasted 30 mins in doom scrolling. What to do now ?

Simply stash that device away, so that is – out of sight and out of mind. Trust me, your future self will thank you for it. Eventually you will realise how peaceful is the the sweet sound of silence?

2. Record Yourself Working:

Attention all aspiring vloggers and TikTok Influencers ! Did you ever considered turning your study sessions into prime-time entertainment?

 No. right? Then today. grab your camera, hit record, and watch those productivity levels soar. 

Like wise, also record yourself rest of the times when you are not studying and check yourself how and how long are you staying glued to your phone.

And who knows? You might just become the next viral sensation in the world of study hacks. 

3. Delete Unnecessary Apps:

 It’s time to Marie Kondo your digital life and bid farewell to those apps that serve no purpose other than to nag you incessantly. Trust me, your phone will thank you for the decluttering session, and you’ll be one step closer to smartphone nirvana.

A girl is scrolling through phone screen

4. Keep Your Phone Out Of The Bedroom:

The bedroom – the sanctuary of sleep. But seriously, it’s time to reclaim your sleep hygiene and banish those glowing screens from your nocturnal domain. Invest in a good old-fashioned alarm clock, and let your phone take a well-deserved rest in another room. Sweet dreams are awaiting!

But most importantly, remember that these above mentioned tips cannot be maintained from the day 1. It’s more about consistency.

Slowly start following these things one by one from the beginning of the session. Gradually, you will be able to control your screen timing in the perfect way.

FAQs :

Q: Is it really possible to survive without my phone glued to my hand?

A: Absolutely! Just think of it as a digital detox .

Q: But what if I miss out on important notifications?

A: Set your phone to do not disturb mode, and let only the most urgent messages break through the silence.

Q: Can I really become a productivity powerhouse without my trusty smartphone?

A: Ofcourse you can ! There is no need of screens when you’ve got good old-fashioned pen and paper?

Now, go forth and conquer those screens !

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