How to Start Journaling Like a Pro?

The Secret Diary Code to kickstart journaling

Do you find yourself wondering, “How can I do or start journaling?”

Well, fret not, your neighborhood satirical blogger is here. Let me help solve the mysteries of journaling with a touch of humor . Get ready, to let the glide over the blank pages of your journal!

How to start a journal- in easy steps
How to start a journal- in easy steps

How Can I Do or Start Journaling: A Beginner’s Odyssey

Journaling for Beginners 

So, you’ve decided to get lost into the thrilling world of journaling? Congratulations, my dear! It’s like discovering a hidden treasure chest with your own words. My advice would be , start simple. 

Think of your journal as a confidant, a therapist without a degree, or maybe just a nosy friend who’s dying to hear your innermost thoughts. Pen and paper or digital notes can always be your weapons.

How to Start a Gratitude Journal 

Are you feeling grateful? 

Thats’s infact an wonderful idea! You can turn that gratitude into a journaling masterpiece. Jot down the little joys, like finding a rogue french fry in the bottom of the bag or successfully avoiding a Lego minefield.Trust me, it’ll make you appreciate life’s quirks a bit more.

Is it that you still get stuck in the mundane?

Fear not! Spice up your journaling routine with some random questions. I’m talking about questions like “If my pet could talk, what would it say?” or “What would my autobiography title be?” Get those creative juices flowing. Your journal will thank you for it.

Gratitude journal

Choosing the Right Journal Format:

Bullet Journal 

Starting a journal needs to start with choosing the right journal format. It is like picking an outfit . It needs to definitely suit your style. Bullet journaling? It’s like the versatile jeans of the journaling world – customizable and always a good choice.

Creative Journaling Techniques : 

Remember to stay creative, always!Doodle, scribble, write like a 5yr old- who cares! Just write your heart out.

Your journal is your personal masterpiece, and only Picasso can judge you.

Journaling as GPS of Your Life : So, are you looking for direction in life?

Journaling can be your personal GPS. Because, jotting down your goals helps you chart a course. Think of it as goal-setting with a side of sass – the Oishee way.

What I do is, when I am happy or sad or maybe a volcano of rage wants to erupt out of me, I write. I just pull up my notebook or simply start typing my thoughts in my phone. I can keep it as an email and keep it saved as a draft. Yeah! that simple!

FAQs – My Edition

Q: How do I overcome the blank page in journaling?

A: Ah, the blank page, the ninja technique of creativity! Start with nonsense. Write the most absurd sentence you can think of. Trust me, it’s like a warm-up for your brain.

Q: What are the best journaling questions for self-reflection?

A: Anything that makes you go, “Hmm.” Seriously, question your existence, question the meaning of life, or debate whether pineapple belongs on pizza. Self-reflection at its finest.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all in the journaling realm. Embrace the chaos, relish the absurdity, and make your journal an extension of your fabulous self. Now, grab that pen or keyboard and let the journaling adventure begin! 

Moreover, when I initially started to practice writing journals on : 

Medium is actually a good platform to start with.

First you need to learn the art of journaling. SEO and other spices can be added later on.

Here is my Medium profile:

Disclaimer: Oishee’s Journaling Wisdom is purely for entertainment purposes. Sources of data include personal experiences, wild imagination, and a sprinkle of fairy dust.

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