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Is Paul Alexander still alive ?

The Man with Iron Lungs

Paul Alexander – is the man who turned living in a big breathing machine into an inspiration . He was a six-year-old from Texas when he caught polio. 

That’s a bad sickness from back in those day. It left Paul paralyzed below the neck and needing help to breathe. He lived inside a breathing machine for more than 70 years, that helped him breath. The man himself is a living example of inspiration.

I was absolutely amazed to know his journey, after which I wrote about his inspirational journey – Paul Alexander Iron Lung

Today, with a heavy heart, I want to update the fact that, on 11th of March 2024 he has ended his life journey of 78 years and is no longer alive. But no matter what, he will always be remembered as the hero with Iron lung

Here are a few things I would like to repeat about his inspirational life journey. Not only to remind my dear readers about his struggles and his survival but also to show him respect for his incredible motivation to live. 

Paul Alexander’s Iron Lung : 

His breathing machine was something like a big tube covering everything but Paul’s head. Yes, it did look like a super. It helped him breathe by applying pressure to his chest and belly. Paul has been using it for over 70 years, infact till his last breath.

Paul’s Superhero Life: Overcoming Challenges:

The reason I am emphasizing about his life is because this breathing machine didn’t stop Paul. Instead of being sad about it, he earned law degrees, wrote a famous book, and practiced law for 30 years – all while sitting in a special wheelchair. Paul’s life is no less than a superhero movie, that too with an armour suit. 

From Social Media to Global Awareness:

 Paul have also been quite active on social media in last few years. His motive was to tell everyone about polio and how we can stop it. He’s didn’t just lived, he lived with a purpose. Paul will always be the superhero of breathing machines, and he’s ready to make a difference.

The lines – ” Life is such an extraordinary thing,” he said. “Just hold on. It’s going to get better” were said by him. And I truly believe this is applicable for anyone’s life.

Paul’s Iron Lung Journey –is a story of bravery and strength. Next time you think your day is tough, remember Paul.

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