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What is the Monolith in the Witcher Series?

Are they becoming real ?

If you have watched the webseries – Witcher on Netflix , then you are already aware of he mysterious monoliths. However, turns out we have come to a point in our real world when it’s time to compare it to a real-life monolith that recently popped up in Wales. 

Natural Monoliths
Natural Monoliths

First Impressions:

Let’s say, you are wandering through the fantastical realm of the Witcher, you meet mages , elves and witches throughout the continent. While suddenly you stumble upon it – the monolith. Standing tall and enigmatic. Something that looks extremely mysterious and out of a sci-fi flick. 

Monoliths played a huge role in the whole witcher series. They were shown as the pathways between different realms. 

One after another, the monoliths served as the pathway for different monsters.

Eventually these deadly monsters not only killed other Witchers but also became a threat for Geralt several times. It was mainly because of the fearless Geralt of Rivea, that these monsters were defeated. All over, these monoliths with magical powers played a huge role in the complete Witcher series.

But no matter how much intersting these might sound, I absolutely do not wish the real monoliths to start acting this magical. Nor do I wish any deadly monsters to come through it.

I think ” climate change” alone is more than enough of a deadly villain in itself. 

No matter how much I wish to see the  Geralt of Rivea,  I absolutely do not hope to see any deadly or magical stepping out of a monolith.

Real-Life Monolith :

Now, talking about Wales, a hiker named Craig Muir recently stumbled upon a towering monolith in the middle of nowhere. But it’s not an average run-of-the-mill monolith. Nope, this  is made of “surgical steel” and looks like it was dropped straight out of a UFO. Insane! Right?!

Mystery Galore:

But wait, there’s more! Despite our best efforts, the origins of these monoliths still remain shrouded in mystery. Are they the work of aliens? Or is it a secret government experiment gone awry? – we just have to find it!

The Big Question:

 Well, according to my extensive research , monoliths are basically giant, solitary rocks that have been standing around for millions of years. 

We can think of them as nature’s way of showing off its sculpting skills. But don’t take my word for it – you have to go ask a geologist!

A Monolith
A Monolith | photo by – Damir Korotaj |

FAQs – Unearthed:

– What is a monolith?

A monolith is a large, single upright block of stone or metal.

– How is a monolith formed

Monoliths can form naturally through geological processes or be created by humans for various purposes.

– Are monoliths real?

 Absolutely! They’re as real as that questionable stain on your bedroom ceiling.

– Monolith from the Witcher?

 Ah, now we’re talking! In the Witcher, the monolith is a mysterious object that’s as baffling as it is intriguing.

– What is the largest monolith in the world?

That honor goes to Mount Augustus in Australia, a massive rock formation that puts all other monoliths to shame.

– How many monoliths are there?

They seem to be popping up all over the place lately, like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

So , one thing’s for sure: the truth is out there, and it’s stranger than fiction. Now go forth and uncover the mysteries that lie beneath these enigmatic structures.

Reference : Forbes

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