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Maldives-India: A Comedy of Errors in the Travel World

Lost in the Turquoise Waters

Maldives-India – the once-perfect love affair between Indian tourists and the picturesque Maldives is now on shaky grounds. Thanks to a diplomatic clash that  escalated faster than my Wi-Fi connection during a Zoom call.

A clear shot of maldives

Maldives -India-Boycott Turning into a Triggered Tourism Tumble

In a classic case of online drama gone wrong, Twitter, triggered a 40% drop in Maldives bookings.

 Is it just me, or did we all suddenly become travel agents and diplomatic experts?

Lakshadweep Emerges from the Shadows

As Maldives faces a booking collapse , Lakshadweep rises like a phoenix from the depths of the Indian Ocean. Indian travel websites are acting like matchmakers right now. Steering jilted tourists towards Lakshadweep, the Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands, or even Sri Lanka.

 It’s like a breakup where you discover you have plenty of fish in the sea – or in this case, islands in the ocean.

Maldives- India’s pair moving rom Bollywood to Bolly-couldn’t

Once the darling of Indian tourists, Maldives now faces an existential crisis. 

In a shocking turn of events, Brits and Italians are flaunting their winter tan in the Maldives while Indians contemplate a boycott.

 Who knew the post-Brexit sunseekers would be the Maldives’ new best friends?

Amazing Lakshwadweep Island
Lakshwadweep Island


Q.What’s the loss to Maldives?

 Well, according to Ankit Chaturvedi, India drove a whopping $380 million worth of tourism to the Maldives last year. Ouch!

Is Lakshadweep the rebound destination?

Tough to tell, but #ExploreIndianIslands is making waves, suggesting a possible domestic travel revolution. Is Lakshadweep ready for its close-up?

 From #BoycottMaldives to #ExploreIndianIslands

As Maldives deals with a potential tourism fallout, Lakshadweep emerges as the unexpected hero. Will India continue its affair with the Maldives, or is this a one-island stand? Only time, hashtags, and perhaps a few more seaside selfies will tell.

Source: Information gathered from CNBC Travel and various news outlets

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