Art of Public Speaking : A Sneezing Series with a Twist 

How to deal if you go blank on stange

Art of public speaking is not something that can be mastered in one day. Some days you may fall and with regularly practice, you can rise up on the stage with your chin up. The journey in between them might consist of thorns along with hundreds of people looking at it.

Well, enough of TED Talks,let me share my own story through the unexpected blunder that I did on stage.

Also, I must say that runny noses, and a touch of rebellion are also part of the story. Let me tell you ,public speaking is not for the faint-hearted, especially when the universe throws a sneeze attack into the mix.

Public Speaking can be frightening if everyone is looking at you
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 Art of public speaking: The Blessings of Sneezing

The joys of being the head girl – the crown jewel of my high school career. Although that didn’t last more than few months( I’ll tell you that story some other day).

Little did I know that a seemingly simple speech would turn into a series of sneezes and unexpected challenges. 

So, I was completely armed with anti-allergy pills, battling a dust-induced sneeze attack while attempting to memorize a speech.

Art of public speaking: Spoiler alert -It didn’t go as planned

The day prior to the speech, I wasn’t doing well at all. I was already on a battle with my runny nose and constant sneezing along my smell sensations totally abandoning me. I kept sneezing all night and couldn’t sleep at all.

So, the very next morning there I was, standing with the Mic in hand, half-asleep, and with a nose threatening mutiny

I started the speech. But her’s the twist – halfway through, I blanked out. 

My panic mode activated immediately . I looked in front of me , and the whole school including all the teachers and hundreds of students staring right at me.

What did I do? Confessed, of course! “None of this was my idea; blamed the internet!”as I confidently said with my chin up,further continuing the speech I deviated from the script, shared my perspective on ‘The Environment Day’ and finished the speech my way.Somehow I managed to salvage the speech.

 Applause followed, but so did a scolding from my class teacher. Little did I know my unexpected hero would emerge from the shadows – our political science teacher, praising my brilliance amid the chaos. I will never forget how she defended me.

The art of public speaking
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 Art of public speaking: The consequences and lessons

As my teachers debated my unconventional approach, I made a swift exit. vowing never to memorize a speech again. Lesson learned: Never mug up a speech. I repeat, never! 

While one teacher scolded, another hailed me as a hero. Life’s funny that way, isn’t it?

So, my dear reader, the next time life hands you a speech and a runny nose, don’t panic – just flow with the chaos. 

Note: The information shared is based on personal experience and humor, with no scientific accuracy. Source –

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