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Meteorite Found in Rain Gutter: Aliens Sending Laundry Messages

Extraterrestrial Laundry Day

Meteorite found while cleaning rain gutter
Meteorite found while cleaning rain gutter

My dear Earthlings! Brace yourselves for the latest cosmic twist in an Edmonton man’s laundry routine. In a bizarre turn of events, Doug Olson, the unsuspecting hero of our tale, stumbled upon a meteorite while casually cleaning his rain gutters. Who needs a metal detector when you’ve got alien laundry falling from the sky?

Meteorite Found- Thuds and Laundromat Regrets

Imagine Doug, innocently folding his undies, hears a thunderous thud on his roof. Did he panic? Nah. Did he rush outside? Sure did! But, alas, he found nothing unusual. Fast forward to spring cleaning (roof edition), and surprise! A meteorite nestled among the leaves. Because nothing says “interstellar traveler” like a rock hanging out in your rain gutter.

The Coffee Shop’s Meteorite Guy

As it turns out, Olson is no stranger to extraterrestrial encounters. He’s got a history with meteorites and claims to be the go-to “meteorite guy” at his local coffee shop. Move over, conspiracy theorists; we’ve got a celestial celeb in our midst! He even had a previous close encounter in Fort McMurray, making us wonder if Doug’s roof is a cosmic hotspot.

Meteorite found and named Menisa, the new Superstar

This newfound space pebble, aptly named Menisa, is stealing the spotlight. According to the University of Alberta, it’s the first meteorite witnessed falling in Alberta since ’77. I guess the aliens missed the memo about social distancing, but hey, we’ll take the surprise rock show. Menisa weighs 33 grams, with a fashion-forward combo of iron, nickel, and a chic grey chondrule ensemble.

Alberta – Meteorite Central

Why does Alberta seem to be the meteorite capital of Canada? According to expert Chris Herd, it’s all about the wide-open spaces and sheer luck. Clear skies, farming fields, and a dash of northern charm make Alberta a cosmic magnet. Farmers, keep an eye out for more than just crops; you might be growing meteorites!

In a twist of fate, Menisa now joins the University of Alberta’s meteorite collection. But fear not, Doug gets to keep the rest. So, next time you’re cleaning your gutters, keep an eye out for the unexpected – you might find a piece of the cosmos in need of a wash! Until then, happy folding, Earthlings.


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