Dog mom: starting a new journey

Motherhood or Fur-therhood

Dog mom: starting a new journey

Motherhood is known as one of the best experiences of a woman’s life. You know! that incredible feeling when you take care of a little one with all your heart. Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to be a mom or have babies to understand this. It’s more about that warm feeling of looking after someone you care about, just like a parent does.

How I felt motherhood

Guess what? I’m not a mom to human babies, and I’m not expecting any either. But, I have a sweet tale to tell you. I adopted two cute puppies, Choco and Cookie. Since then, my world has turned into a pet-loving adventure. Even though I’ve had many cats as pals when I was growing up, this puppy love is something else!

I have taken care of a bunch of cats in the past. But now, with Choco and Cookie around, it’s like a new kind of magic. I’m talking about feeding them on time, playing like crazy, cuddling during nap time, and the challenging part, teaching them where to go potty.

Now, let’s be real, I’m no expert in cleaning or cooking. My cleaning routine is like a rare comet sighting, and cooking is like a once-in-a-blue-moon miracle. You see, I’m a book lover, not exactly a cleaning wizard or a cooking maestro.

But life decided to give me a fun twist by introducing these two little puppers. So now, I’m a full-time pet parent. And oh boy, some days are like whirlwinds of activity.

Imagine coming home after work and swapping your work bag for a broom, all while trying to catch those sneaky puppy potty moments. It’s like a cleaning marathon mixed with a bit of detective work. It’s tiring, like doing a race while juggling water balloons.

Dog mom: a heartwarming role of pet parenthood

But here’s the best part, all that tiredness melts away when I step into my house. Those wagging tails and excited faces make me forget all about being tired. Suddenly, I’m not a tired human anymore, I’m a superstar for my pups. Their happy wags and face licks are like magical energy boosters. They wipe away my tiredness and replace it with pure happiness.

Let’s be honest, this happiness and love are like secret ingredients of motherhood. It doesn’t matter if you’re a human mom or a pet parent. Love is the language we all understand. And just like that, being a mom comes in all sorts of ways. It could be taking care of a pet or even a plant. All you need is a heart full of love, ready to take care of someone special.

Dog mom : A motherhood full of joy
Dog mom : A motherhood full of joy

So, here’s my story, a tale of cuddles, chaos, and endless love. Motherhood isn’t just about babies, it’s about caring for others with all your heart. So, to all the amazing people out there, remember, that you can be a mom in so many different ways. Just open your heart and let the love flow. That’s the secret to being a wonderful mom.

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