Solo Date Ideas: A Cold Drink Adventure

How to have fun on solo dates

Solo date ideas have never been difficult for me. So, just like always, here I was, on one of those winter evenings, thinking I could be the next sophisticated art lover. So ,I decided to go to art exhibitions like a seasoned collection .

Just in case if you think I am a rich lady then no! I’m not that classy lady in pearls; I’m more of a baggy t-shirt and jeans kind of person with a profound appreciation for art.That either speaks to my soul or confuses the heck out of me.

Trust me , there are pieces of art, that I cannot make head or tail of it.

Solo Date Ideas: Getting Lost in Geography, Found in a Cold Drink Quest

After a scenic bus ride, I reached what I thought was the art gallery’s vicinity at the right time.But omg! surprise, surprise!

The gallery decided to play hide-and-seek, and my geographically challenged self spent a good hour wandering before finally cracking the code to its whereabouts.

Solo Date Ideas: Finding Feline Celebrities and Unsuccessful Selfies

Arriving just in time to witness the last moments of the art exhibition, I thought I would find solace in a bottle of cold drink.

But my adventure took a furry turn when I encountered a tiny furball outside a store. Attempting to click pictures of this VIP , I aimed my camera and clicked, only to realize that this little kitty was the ultimate diva.

He did not want to have even an eye contact! Apparently, someone had left the furball behind, as the shopkeeper lady said.

She had her own grocery kingdom but no cold drinks. Ofcourse not everyone shared my passion for cold beverages in cold weather!

Solo Date Ideas: From Cold Drink to Bus Chase

Undeterred by the lack of attention from my feline friend, I retraced my steps to the bus stop, ensuring a pit stop for some tasty treats and sassy earrings. And that was when I spotted my bus about to make a daring escape.

Cue my not-so-heroic sprint, dodging traffic signals to secure my ride. The day may not have gone as planned, but it turned out to be a memorable solo date full of unexpected twists and cat encounters.

A solo trip in the greenery
A solo trip in the greenery | Credit: Canva

Solo date ideas aren’t always about following a script. They’re about the unpredictable and turning mishaps into adventures.

Cheers to the solo explorers who find joy in the journey, even if it involves chasing buses and getting the cold shoulder from celebrity cats

Please share your own experience and opinion on solo dates in the comment section below 👇

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