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1972 Plane Crash in the Andes Mountains Reveals the Dark Side of ‘Survival of the Fittest’!

Surviving the unthinkable : 1972 Plane Crash Andes Mountains

1972 Plane Crash in the Andes Mountains , is not something that I have been familiar with for long.

It was only about a couple of years ago, I watched a Bengali thriller that had me at the edge of my seat – a tale of survival, cannibalism, and one lone survivor’s fight against the odds. Little did I know, this nail-biting storyline was just a glimpse into the chilling reality of the 1972 plane crash in the Andes Mountains.

Remains of Plane Crash, credit : canva
Remains of Plane Crash, credit : canva

Survival of the Fittest – A True Story

In this real-life drama, 45 passengers and crew members found themselves in a nightmare after their plane crashed in the Andes. 

With temperatures plummeting and resources dwindling, 16 survivors resorted to the unthinkable – cannibalism. 

Dr. Roberto Canessa, a 19-year-old medical student at the time, vividly recalls the desperation that led them to consume the bodies of the deceased.

1972 Plane Crash in the Andes Mountains : From Frozen Flesh to Hollywood: Alive and Kicking

In fact, the shocking reality of their ordeal was not only depicted in movies but also in TV series like “Yellowjackets”.

The horrific events unfolded over 72 days, a saga of resilience and survival that even Hollywood couldn’t resist. “Alive,” a 1993 film starring Ethan Hawke, brought the story to the big screen. 

On screen stories showed the legal and psychological aftermath of such extreme measures.

Source: “Today” show interview with Dr. Roberto Canessa.

Life After the Abyss: Reunions and Gratitude

The good part is that, Dr. Canessa is now a pediatric cardiologist.

His post-crash life involved regular reunions with other survivors, proving that the bonds forged in the face of adversity endure. 

In his own words, “You shouldn’t wait for your plane to fall to enjoy and be grateful for life.”

Source: People magazine interview with Dr. Roberto Canessa.

1972 plane crash survivors
Credit : Netflix

FAQs :

Where did the Andes plane crash happen?

 The crash occurred in the Andes Mountains, on the border between Argentina and Chile.

How many people died in the Andes plane crash?

Out of the 45 on board, 16 only survived. Avalanche and starvation claimed a handful of lives during the 72-day ordeal.

Who wrote the book Alive about the Andes plane crash?

 Piers Paul Read authored the gripping account of the survivors’ ordeal in the book “Alive.”

How did the 1972 Andes plane crash survivors survive?

  The survivors resorted to cannibalism, cutting frozen flesh off the deceased for sustenance.

Andes plane crash documentary:

The events have been documented in various forms, including the 1993 film “Alive” and interviews with survivors like Dr. Roberto Canessa.

Reference : BBC

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