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Space Crime: The Final Forensic Frontier

What if a murder takes place in Space?

I have always wondered, how can we solve any case that is about crime commited in space! Turns out, even in the vast expanse of the cosmos, where stars twinkle and and planets revolve, there’s still room for lawbreaking.

But the good news is that the scientists are already on the case, or should I say, on the space case?

Astronauts in Mars

Bloodstains in Zero-G

Firstly we need to know how blood behaves in microgravity ! 

Some brilliant minds at Staffordshire University and the University of Hull decided it was high time to figure out how to solve space crimes.

The crime scenes in outer space would definitely look like something from out of the world (literally). It is supposed to look like the astronauts are floating around with mysterious bloodstains on the space station walls.Sounds like the plot of a perfect thriller, isn’t it?

The Great Space Experiment: Blood, Guts, and Glycerin

In order to figure out the mysteries of space forensics, these intrepid researchers concocted a truly out-of-this-world experiment.

 They hopped aboard a modified Boeing 727, armed with a concoction of glycerin and red floor coloring. Because definitely they won’t use real blood ! 

Then, they released droplets of this makeshift blood during moments of reduced gravity.

The Astro Forensics : CSI- Space Edition

So, what did they find out? it turns out blood behaves differently in space! Obviously with no gravity to hold them back. Blood droplets stick to surfaces like glue, forming weird shapes and sizes that even CSI agents back on Earth can only dream of. 

That’s probably going to look like a crime scene that unfold in slow motion, but with more spacesuits.

Now, I know you’re dying to ask, “But Oishee, why do we even need space forensics?” Well, imagine a future where humans roam around from one planet to other . With space tourism on the rise and moon bases becoming the new Airbnb hotspots, it’s just a matter of time before space crime becomes as common as a cold on Earth.

 So, let’s thank our lucky stars that someone’s out there, boldly going where no CSI has gone before, to keep us safe from space villains and rogue astronauts alike.

Astronaut in Outer Space


1. What was the first crime in space?

No official crime reported yet, but with space tourism on the rise, the potential for mischief is real.

2. Is crime possible in space?

Absolutely, as humans venture beyond Earth, concerns about theft and sabotage grow.

3. What is space forensics?

It’s the study of how to solve crimes in space, including analyzing blood spatter patterns in zero gravity.

4. Are there crimes in outer space?

Yes, as humanity expands its presence beyond Earth, enforcing laws in space becomes crucial.

5. How are crimes solved in space using forensics?

Scientists are studying how blood behaves in microgravity to develop techniques for space crime investigation.

6. Where can I find space science blogs?

Stay tuned to space science blogs for the latest updates on space crime and forensic breakthroughs.

7. What is space law?

Space law covers property rights and criminal jurisdiction in space, becoming more important as the space industry grows.

8. How challenging is space crime?

Space crime presents unique challenges requiring innovative solutions and a blend of science and law.

All thanks to the power of science and a healthy dose of curiosity. Until next time, keep your eyes on the stars and your feet planted firmly on the ground—or, you know, floating weightlessly in zero gravity.

Reference : BGR

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