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Symptoms of iron deficiency

Irony of Iron

Symptoms of iron deficiency? That sounds so odd right ! Isn’t iron found in abundance?!

Well, iron can be found in abundance , yet it is very much essential. Turns out, iron can control a lot of things in our body. That’s why, deficiency of iron in our body can lead to different disorders. So , lets check what are the symptoms of iron deficiency!

Iron rich food
Iron rich food

What’s the Deal with Iron Anyway?

We need iron for a few things besides pumping iron at the gym. It is the VIP pass for our immune system, reproductive system, and overall growth. Plus, it’s the expert in the production of hemoglobin, the red carpet escort for oxygen. Hence, without it, we’d be gasping for air.

How Much Iron Do We Need?

We’re not that demanding when it comes to iron. We need just a few milligrams a day, and we’re good to go. Kids get 7 milligrams, adults get 18 milligrams, and the rest is just sprinkles on top.

But Where Can We Find This Magical Mineral?

From juicy chicken to Popeye’s spinach, it is definitely not a treasure hunt in the grocery store. And don’t forget those fortified cereals and bread. They’ are the little iron warriors fighting off anemia, one bowl at a time.

Symptoms of iron deficiency- the dark side

When our iron levels hit rock bottom, we don’t get any other option than to join the ranks of the walking zombies . To be more specific- it is similar to join the iron deficiency anemia club. With symptoms like fatigue and shortness of breath, your life can smoothly turn into a real-life horror movie. But don’t worry, iron supplements are there to save the day! Just don’t overdo it.

iron- deficiency
iron- deficiency

FAQs about Symptoms of iron deficiency

Q. When Should You Take Iron Supplements?

A. For maximum absorption, take them without food.

Q. Do Iron Supplements Cause Constipation?

A. Yes, they can.

Q. Do Iron Supplements Make You Gain Weight?

A. No, they don’t.

Q. How Long Do Iron Supplements Take to Work?

A. Improvement usually starts within 2 to 4 weeks.

In the world of iron deficiency is a game of cat and mouse. Where, our bodies try to keep up with our iron intake. But remember, moderation is the key. Stay healthy, stay ironclad!

Reference – Healthline

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