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The fishing cat : A mysterious predator Lurking in the Wetlands

The Cat who loves to be in Water

The fishing cat – is a wild cat species that has been made the state ( west bengal ) animal of my country. However, locally in our language it is popular asBaghrol( names after tiger)

Just when I thought I have covered most part of the feline world, I was introduced to this enigmatic wild cat who loves water. So, let’s explore the fishy world of the fishing cat, finding its secrets one meow at a time.

Close-up of a fishing cat's face. The cat is looking directly at the camera with a determined expression.
Fishing cat, a small wild cat native to Southeast Asia, with a short, rounded face and distinctive markings.
Wild cat with a spotted coat and piercing eyes, looking intently at the viewer

Expectations vs. Reality: Why Your Average Feline Won’t Cut It as a Fisherman

So, you’ve heard of the fishing cat and immediately you just pictured your fluffy companion snagging salmon from the local river, right?

Think again! Contrary to popular belief, these wild cats aren’t your ordinary fish-fetching companions. 

We are about to unwrap the myths surrounding this elusive creature.

A Tiger in Cat’s Clothing: The Mystery Behind the Fishing Cat’s Moniker

Did you ever heard of a cat being mistaken for a tiger? Well, neither had I until I stumbled upon the fascinating sight of the fishing cat with my own eyes.

My Startling Encounter with the Fishing Cat:

I was about 10 or 11 yrs old when this happened. 

The locality where I grew up during my childhood used to be near the outskirts. Ofcourse wilderness existed there, since it was still untouched by the modern day urbanization. 

One evening I was returning home with my mother while we discovered our cherished kitten missing. I got worried and kind off panicked after not being able to find her. It was then a neighbour mentioned of a mysterious cat like creature with a big tail running away. 

 It had claimed our kitten as prey that day  Though years have passed, the memory of that haunting incident bothers me. She was my beloved little kitty.

A small, wet cat standing on a rock next to a body of water. The cat has short fur and appears to be looking intently at something in the water.
A close-up photo of a small, wet cat perched on a rock near the water's edge. The cat has short fur, possibly brown and black in color, and appears alert and focused.
Fishing cat standing on a rock, possibly looking for prey in the water

My Personal Encounter with the Fishing Cat :

 A few months later, I was innocently wandering the outskirts of my neighborhood, blissfully unaware of the wild creatures around.

I remember seeing something double the size of domestic cat’s with marks all over the body. It looked something similar to a tiger but I didn’t know what it was.

Little me, scared and petrified , came running inside the house and locked the doors.

It was years later when I got to know that it is called ‘the fishing cat’.

In the Cat’s Lair: A Call to Action for Conservation and Coexistence

Gradually, as I grew up the bushy and swampy areas started getting covered by more and more houses. So, the sightings of these amazing predators turned from little to non existent. 

One thing becomes abundantly clear: it’s high time we humans step up and take responsibility for the wellbeing of our fellow earthlings. 

It’s high time that we start acting for conservation and ensuring a brighter future for all creatures, big and small.

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