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How to cure aphantasia or mind blindness ?

Unlocking the Imagination Vault

Aphantasia or mind blindness is a characteristic where it is felt like your brain is stuck in grayscale while everyone else is living in Technicolor? Don’t worry! There’s an answer to that. Out of so many differently challenged people around us , there are people who are actually imagination-challenged ! Today, I want to share something about the feeling where- the brain feels stuck in grayscale by exploring a few ways to cure aphantasia.

This journey would be through memory, imagination, and maybe even a bit of magic!

My Journey to Unlocking the Imagination Vault:

So, imagine, rather try not to imagine this because, well, that’s the whole point. The Aphantasia is the the disease which feels like having a mind’s eye that’s perpetually closed for renovations. 

While most people can conjure up mental images faster than blink of an eye, aphantasics are  the ones left twiddling thumbs in the realm of blank canvases of mind. 

It is something nearly watching a movie with your eyes closed.

It describes the image of an woman and her condition -aphantasia
Woman suffering from Aphantasia

Peeking Inside the Brain Box:

Now, before you start googling “how to buy a new brain,” let’s take a sneak peek under the hood. Shall we? 

According to some brainy researchers from the University of Bonn, aphantasia isn’t just a figment of our imaginations (or lack thereof).

Turns out there are actual changes happening in the hippocampus and the occipital lobe.  To understand in easy words, changes happening in the fancy brain areas where all the magic (or lack thereof) happens.

How to cure aphantasia ?

But don’t you worry my dear , for where there’s a will, there’s a way they. 

From what I’ve gathered, there’s talk of training our brains to flex those imagination muscles. You can consider it like a mental CrossFit workout for the mind.

 Who knows, maybe with a bit of practice, aphantasics will be painting mental masterpieces like Picasso on a caffeine bender.


Q: Can aphantasia be cured?

A: Well, curing aphantasia is not like we can pop a pill and suddenly start seeing mental movies in 3D. But hey, stranger things have happened. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, some researchers are toying with the idea of brain training exercises to coax our minds out of hibernation mode.

Q: Will curing aphantasia make me a superhero?

A: As much as I’d love to say yes I cannot decide that for you. But who knows, with a bit of imagination, anything is possible – even flying without a cape.

Q: Why can’t I see what I’m imagining?

A: If you have aphantasia, you may be unable to visualize any type of image in your head.

Q. Why can’t I visualize things in my head anymore?

A: Aphantasia might be the reason why you are unable to visualize in your mind.

Q: Is aphantasia a type of autism?

A: Aphantasics do show elevated autism-linked traits.Actually, Aphantasia and autism linked by impaired imagination and social skills.

Q: Do aphantasia dream?

A: Many people with aphantasia only dream in words, which sounds absolutely terrible. But others dream vividly and with real-life images.

Q: Does aphantasia affect learning?

A: Aphantasia can affect the learning process. But are more ways to learn something new. People with aphantasia develop alternative strategies to learn effectively.

So that was a quick overview through the tangled web of aphantasia. While I may not have all the answers (or any mental images to speak of). One thing’s for sure – the human mind is a marvelously mysterious place, just waiting to be explored. And who knows, maybe one day, everyone will unlock the secrets of the imagination.

Reference – Tech Explorist

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