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Toxic RNAs & Alzheimer’s: Brain’s Hidden Mystery!

Decoding The Micro- Drama

Toxic RNAs may cause Alzheimer’s! Yes, that is what new study shows. So, the micro-sized bombshell, toxic RNAs might be the masterminds behind Alzheimer’s. From my view, let’s speed through this microscopic thriller and expose the brain’s hidden secrets.

Ribonucleic Acid Structure (RNA)
Ribonucleic Acid Structure (RNA)

RNA Showdown: Brain’s Tiny Turmoil

DNA’s blueprint needs messengers – cue short RNAs. We can call them the rebels stirring cellular chaos. It’s like a Marvel movie, but with RNAs battling for control.

SuperAgers: Brain’s Timeless Heroes?

Meet SuperAgers, the brain rockstars aged 80+. They always keep flaunting memories that make 50-year-olds envious. But what’s heir secret? Umm…that would be loads of protective short RNAs, playing brain Avengers.

Brain’s Drama: Imbalance Alert!

In a Hollywood twist, Northwestern Medicine’s brain wizards have found an RNA teeter-totter – protective vs. toxic short RNAs. Aging tilts the balance by setting the stage for Alzheimer’s sneak attack.


Q. Can toxic RNAs cause Alzheimer’s?

Yep, Northwestern brain detectives found these tiny troublemakers causing neuronal chaos , which we can call a microscopic crime scene.

Q. What about SuperAgers?

They might hold the key to fighting toxic RNAs, turning Grandma and Grandpa into brain superheroes.

Toxic RNAs & Alzheimer's
Alzheimer’s Disease

Q. Fighting Alzheimer’s with RNAs?

The Brain maestros suggest boosting protective short RNAs will set superhero capes for brain cells against neurodegeneration.

Source Check: Brain banter from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, published in Nature Communications – scientifically stamped.

My question is, will our neurons emerge as unexpected heroes against villainous toxic RNAs?!

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