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What is Gilbert Syndrome ?

The Yellowish Genetic Twist

What is Gilbert Syndrome ? Okay, let me explain this in a way that even your pet goldfish can understand. Let’s go through the puzzling world of genetics!

Structure of the human liver
Structure of the human liver

The Skinny on Gilbert Syndrome

Let’s say, you wake up one day, look in the mirror, and notice a slight yellowish tinge to your skin. 

No, you haven’t turned into a Simpson overnight. You might just be dealing with this health issue. This condition happens when your liver decides to stop producing bilirubin for you. Yep, blame it on the liver!

Symptoms? What Symptoms?

Now, you might be wondering, What  the does Gilbert Syndrome pull off?” 

Well, the symptoms are quite sneaky I would say. 

Mild jaundice? Check. Yellow eyes? Double check. But don’t worry my dear, because most people with this health issue don’t even realize they’ve won the genetic lottery until a routine test tells you so.

Living the Healthy Lifestyle

So, how does one not get affected by this?

It’s simple, really. Just stick to a healthy diet, bid farewell to alcohol (sorry, party animals), and stay hydrated. 

Oh, and don’t forget to flex those stress-busting muscles with some good ol’ exercise.

Bilirubin test sample
Bilirubin test sample

FAQs ( Most Googled Questions on Gilbert Syndrome)

Q: Can I eat a boatload of carrots and blame my orange skin on Gilbert Syndrome?

A: Nice try mate! This is all about bilirubin, not beta-carotene.

Q: Will Gilbert Syndrome turn me into a walking banana?

A: While you might show a yellowish hue, you won’t be mistaken for a fruit anytime soon.

Q: Can I blame my lack of sleep on Gilbert Syndrome?

A: Nope, but you can blame Netflix binges and late-night snack runs for that.

Although this syndrome might sound like the name of a next-door neighbor, but it’s just your liver playing tricks on you. Live your best bilirubin-filled life!

Reference : Medical News Today

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