Best pre-workout supplement secret

The secret energy boosting technique with the help of your heart

Best pre-workout supplements usually comprise healthy drinks to boost more energy for the body. However, if natural endorphin production inside the body gets boosted too much, then I absolutely don’t think any external supplement would be necessary.

Usually, we cannot find anything near us that can help to produce endorphins before a workout. But what if you see your crush early in the morning, giving butterflies inside your stomach? The hormone production should definitely increase.

Work out at gym
Work out at gym

Particularly after what happened with my baby brother, I am definitely convinced that working out in front of your crush could boost your energy up to a hundred times.

Best pre-workout energy booster

Okay! Although Ron is not a baby boy anymore and would literally try to kill me if he finds out I am calling him baby brother here. Still, I absolutely cannot afford to miss out on sharing this incident here. Ron is my cousin who has just turned 16. As you can expect from a teenager, he is more or less flying after going to high school. He has become quite serious about his crush from school. With his body gradually changing into that of a man from a teenager, he is now determined to start bodybuilding. Just because he is my brother, I am not saying this, but he genuinely looks sweet and tall.

Yes, he is skinny but gradually that should get improved. Ron is actually quite sporty; it’s not that he is lethargic or anything, but he has now become quite serious about fitness and growing muscles. So, this is how it goes! He usually goes to the gym every day for the past 3 months. But from the beginning of this month, his big crush Luna has joined the same gym. I should mention the fact that Luna is not just sporty but also happens to be a pro player in basketball. So, genuinely she looks quite strong and usually keeps herself engaged in any sort of workout. He wasn’t prepared to see her in the same gym that day. So, on seeing her unexpectedly, he started blushing all of a sudden. With too many butterflies in his stomach and heart racing fast, naturally his endorphin production was increased immediately. My lazy brother all of a sudden became a gym freak within the blink of an eye.

Big crush comes with big consequences

Of course, Luna happens to know him and both of them said Hi and hello to each other. Well, my brother thought this would be the best opportunity for him to impress her and show her how strong he is. As Ron stepped on treadmill that day, he felt determined with all his veins. Normally, he gets stuck to a modest 2km run, but fueled by the sight of Luna, he pushed himself further, doubling his distance to 4km. Beads of sweat began to form on his brow as he increased the incline.
Meanwhile, Luna was already carrying out her weightlifting routine, effortlessly hoisting heavy barbells . Inspired by her strength, Ron decided to up the ante. So he started selecting weights that were tougher and heavier than his usual routine. Despite the strain, he gritted his teeth and pressed on, while refusing to give in to the burning sensation in his muscles.

Even as his body wanted to be stopped but still, he silenced the urge to cry out. That stupid brother of mine was still trying to prove his strength to Luna. However, as the minutes stretched into half an hour, he decided to switch things up.

He moved on a different machine and approached the weightlifting station with every possible way skills he had knew for masking the fatigue. Again he wanted to look more focused on his form. That was finally ! finally ! when Luna approached him. Her voice literally washed away all his exhaustion with words of encouragement.

A strong woman's body after regular gym

Lesson learnt but won’t give up

Despite his weariness, the poor fellow mustered a smile, grateful for her acknowledgment. But , bummer ! all she did was to wave at him with a smile before she was about to leave. Even after so much of efforts ,she just left him alone with his thoughts,. The moment she left the door, immediately he collapsed onto the floor, drained of all energy. I am not sure if his efforts gave him and results after that day. However I am definitely sure of the fact that , as the prize of his exertion, Ron found himself bedridden for the next two days.

One thing I must acknowledge, no matter how much I love to pull his leg using this incident , all these time he remained truly determined. The motivation to impress Luna on his next visit to the gym, he in fact began training at home, trying to improve his strength and endurance. I would have been the happiest if he gave at least 10% of this effort for sports , writing or studying anything. Anyway, I also realized that day, if you want to work out harder and get a cool body , the best pre workout supplement that you need would be none other than your biggest crush, standing in front of you.

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