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The human brain in Men and Women Really Differ that much?

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The human brain in males and females are really same or different? – I think this is the question coming up for years. Are they like two peas in a pod, or are there some surprising differences lurking in those craniums? Let’s find out!

Human Brain
Human Brain

The Genetic Scoop of the human brain:

Let’s make it simple to understand. Boys’ brains have Y chromosome in every cell, while girls’ brains don’t.  Just remember how male and female sex differs because of the ‘Y’ chromosome. In the same way, boys have an extra sprinkle of genetic glitter in their brain soup too. But don’t worry, girls, your brains are still great without it.

Does the human brain size matter ?

In regards to the size, boys’ brains tend to be a bit bigger and heavier than girls’. But that doesn’t mean they are smarter. For example, you can never compare between apples and oranges . Both are different but equally delicious. So, whether your brain is big or small, it is still doing some serious brainpower lifting.

Cerebral Hemispheres of human brain

Who’s on Alert?:

There’s something about staying alert.Boys might have a slight edge in the “alertness” department. Thanks to some parts of their brain being a tad bigger. But again , girls have their own superpowers.  When it comes to intuition and emotional smartness, they are definitely better. So that’s how, in this brain game of comparisons everyone is  a winner in their own way.

That’s how at the end of the day, we are all rocking some seriously amazing brainpower.

 So, whether you’re a boy or a girl, just remember: your brain is your superpower, no matter what anyone says.

Reference : The Economic Times

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