How to Avoid Microplastics in Your Daily Life!

Microplastics- the Mini trouble makers working as slow poison

How to avoid microplastics? Well, that’s the million-dollar question these days, and no, it doesn’t involve hiding in a plastic-free bubble.

 I mean, wouldn’t that be nice? But let’s face it, we’re living in a world where even the air we breathe seems to be infused with microscopic plastic particles. So, let’s solve the puzzle of microplastics together!

Microplastics in lab
Microplastics in lab | credit: Canva|

The Shocking Encounter:

So, I was, casually sipping my bottled water, thinking I was doing my body a favor. 

Little did I know, each gulp was like a plastic infused with it! 

According to a mind-boggling study from Columbia University and Rutgers University, my innocent-looking bottle harbored around 240,000 detectable plastic fragments per liter. Talk about unexpected party crashers!

Reference Check: [Every sip of bottled water puts you at serious risk]

The Silent Invaders:

Now, imagine plastics so tiny they make bacteria look like giants. Yes, we’re talking about nanoplastics, the elusive offspring of microplastics. 

These microscopic troublemakers, beyond the micron level, account for over 90% of the plastic particles detected. 

They’re like the secret agents of the plastic world, wreaking havoc in ways we never imagined.

Reference Check: [Invisible plastics, fragmented beyond the micron level account for over 90% of the plastic particles detected]

The Health Drama Unfolds:

Why should we care about these microscopic troublemakers? 

Turns out, these nanoplastics are not just cute, harmless particles. They can infiltrate our bodies, causing inflammation, oxidative stress, and even disruption of cellular functions. 

Reference Check: [How is this a serious health concern?]

Icecream made of plastic
Ice cream made of plastic | credit : Canva|

Cracking the Plastic Code:

Moreover,to add a dash of suspense, researchers used a technique called stimulated Raman scattering microscopy to uncover the invisible plastic empire in bottled water. 

Reference Check: [What is Raman scattering microscopy?]


Q: Is bottled water really that bad?

 A:Yes, it’s worse than you think. The plastic particles are throwing a party in your bottle!

Q:How do nanoplastics affect health?

  A:They sneak into your body, causing inflammation, stress, and disrupting your cellular harmony.

Q: Can I see these nanoplastics?

  A: Nope, you’ll need some fancy Raman scattering microscopy for that plastic detective work.

So, in this plastic-packed world, let’s get determined to minimize our microplastic exposure. Also, protect our health, and maybe, just maybe, make the plastic party a little less crowded

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