What happened on good friday ?

Understanding Good Friday -The Significance of Jesus’ Crucifixion

Jesus’ crucifixion, is a pivotal moment in Christian belief. As a believer, I find it essential to understand the significance of this day, despite its somber tone.

What Happened on Good Friday

On Good Friday, Jesus faced betrayal, false accusations, and a brutal crucifixion. 

Despite being innocent, he endured immense suffering, fulfilling a divine plan for redemption.

The Crucifixion :

Jesus was mocked, beaten, and ultimately nailed to a cross. That was where he died. Darkness covered the land, and an earthquake shook the ground, marking the solemnity of the occasion.

Good Friday
Good Friday Celebration

Why Is Good Friday Celebrated ?

Good Friday is commemorated because of Jesus’ sacrifice. This incident helped humanity to find salvation. His death paved the way for reconciliation with God, demonstrating the depth of divine love.

FAQs : What happened on good friday

Q: Why is it called ‘Good’ Friday?

A: The term’s origin is debated. But it symbolizes the goodness of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity’s redemption.

Q: How do we observe Good Friday?

A: Many Christians observe Good Friday through prayer, reflection, and attending church services focused on Jesus’ crucifixion.

Good Friday holds profound significance for believers worldwide, serving as a reminder of Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice and the hope it brings.

Reference : Cross Walk

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