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Scientists find ghost particles from our Universe

What’s the Spooky Scoop?

After the discovery of the God particle, scientists have come up with something extremely intriguing – the ghost particles. But what exactly are these elusive entities? Let’s find out more about this spooky particles of our universe.

First Encounter : Finding the ghost particles

If you ask me about the gang of brilliant minds , I would definitely call it Europe’s Cern- as the Disneyland of particle research. They have even come up with a new  gadget, that is a thousand times more sensitive than anything before.

Ofcourse , it is to catch these elusive buggers red-handed. So, instead of the usual particle collision , they are opting for a smashing session against a hard surface. Because, you know, sometimes the best way to catch a ghost is to hit them exactly where it hurts!

Second Encounter: Understanding the Unseen Particles

Now, you might be wondering, what in the name of Newton’s apple are ghost particles anyway? Well, this is where things get downright spooky.

Our universe can be considered as a cocktail. Or , should I say with only a tiny splash of normal matter, like stars, galaxies, and your everyday particles. 

Astronomers have been scratching their heads over the missing 95% of the universe, and they suspect ghost particles might be playing hide-and-seek in the shadows.

 These sneaky fellows barely interact with our world – slipping through matter like a ghost through walls. But every now and then, they decide to crash and morph into familiar particles, leaving scientists scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Third Encounter: Ghostbusters, Particle Edition

A group of particle physicists are ready to bust some spectral secrets wide open. 

They are armed with ingenuity and madness. That is why they h hook they are building SHiP, the ultimate ghostbusting machine, right under our noses. 

Instead of the flashy, multi-billion-dollar colliders of yesteryears, SHiP is the thrifty explorer’s dream, all set to kick off its particle-pilfering mission by 2030. 

These brave souls believe that hidden in the cosmic shadows lie the keys to one of the greatest mysteries of our time. And who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt, especially when it involves solving the secrets of the universe?

FAQs: Scientists find ghost particles from our Universe

1. What are ghost particles, and why are they important?

Ghost particles,in are also known as hidden particles – are elusive entities suspected to make up the mysterious dark matter and dark energy while comprising the majority of the universe. Understanding them could revolutionize our understanding of many unknown secrets of the Universe.

2. How do scientists plan to catch these ghostly culprits?

By building innovative detectors like SHiP (Search for Hidden Particles) and employing new collision methods, scientists aim to increase the chances of detecting these elusive particles.

3. What could the discovery of ghost particles mean for humanity?

The discovery of ghost particles could unlock a treasure trove of knowledge about the universe’s composition, evolution, and potentially even lead to groundbreaking technological advancements.

Our universe is full of thousands of secrets. that is yet to be solved. Scientists finding the ghost particles from our Universe can be considered as a small stepping stone.

But , with more and more discoveries, maybe one day you will be the one to uncover the next cosmic secret hiding in plain sight. You never know! 

Reference : BBC

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