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What is the Plot of Pain Hustlers ? -The dark comedy movie

The hustle of Emily Blunt and Chris Evans through pain and relief

What is the plot of Pain Hustlers ? Well, let me tell you about the eye-opening world of pharmaceutical dramas. The pain hustlers is all about the hustle for selling an addictive pain relief drug. However, it ultimately turns out to be the reason of pain in the lives of Liza ( Emily Blunt) and Pete ( Chris Evans). Here , they hustle through the opioid crisis, with dark of comedy thrown in for good measure. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

The Real Story Behind the pain

So, what’s the deal with Pain Hustlers movie? It’s actually based on a real scandal involving a pharma company peddling addictive painkillers. That was through some rather questionable methods.
Think of it as a twisted version of a corporate scandal, where the haunting laughs come with a side of social commentary.

A scene from Pain Hustlers | Credit : Netflix |

Meet Liza and Pete: The Dynamic Duo

In this zany adventure, Emily Blunt’s character, Liza Drake, takes center stage as a single mom on a mission to make ends meet.
Alongside her is Chris Evans as Pete Brennar. Her partner in crime (or should I say, pharma?). Together, they swim through the muddy waters of the pharmaceutical industry, one hustle at a time.
Although, at first I decided to start watching the movie especially because of my all time favourite – Chris Evans. He is definitely brilliant as always and I would not like to spoil his character in any way with spoilers.

A Dark Comedy with a Serious Message

What I felt after watching Pain Hustlers is a laugh riot on the surface. But it’s also a sobering reminder of the dangers of opioid overuse.
Liza’s journey from struggling single mom to unlikely hero pulling up a pharmaceutical company and then fighting against the master minds – is both heartwarming and thought-provoking.

Liza Drake from Pain Hustlers | Credit : Netflix |


Q. What is the real story behind Pain Hustlers?

A. Pain Hustlers is inspired by a true scandal involving a pharmaceutical company peddling addictive painkillers.

Q. What happens in Pain Hustlers?

A. The movie follows the misadventures of Liza Drake alongside Pete Brenner as they hustle in the world of pharma sales.

Q. What’s the movie Pain Hustlers about?

A. Pain Hustlers is a dark comedy that sheds light on the opioid crisis and the shady practices of some pharmaceutical companies.

Q. What drug is Pain Hustlers about?

A. The movie revolves around a fictional drug called Lonafen. It is loosely based on real-life fentanyl-based painkillers.

Q. Is Liza Drake a real person?

A. No, Liza Drake is a fictional character created for the movie, but she embodies the struggles faced by many in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the end, I should mention the fact that even though it’s a movie , pain hustlers can literally save a lot of people from future pain due to opioid over use.

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