Why War? Maybe Our Leaders Found a New Earth

Why war? Seriously. We’ve got our awesome planet, Earth. Here we have trees, animals, oceans – everything we need. 

Scientists are always searching for other Earth-like planets, but lately, I’m convinced that the politicians already found one, where we they can travel! It’s the only explanation for why they are so desperate about blowing off countries and their people.

Just think about it. They are desperate to attack other countries, while risking millions of lives. That new planet must be amazing, like double the resources or something. And you know they have got some secret way to recreate a whole other Earth! Why else do you think they love wasting money on stuff we don’t need?

Destruction from war

Okay, Okay, Maybe I’m Exaggerating (or Am I?)

But honestly, it’s 2024! We have AI and smartphones that are basically magic compared to what our grandparents had. The internet gives us the answer to any question instantly! Yet, some people still think fighting = power? Oh! C’mon ! That’s so old-school.

And hey, if they really want to rumble, let the politicians and the world leaders go at it in a giant boxing ring. 

Leave the rest of us out of their weird power trips. Because what happens in war? It’s mostly that the innocent people are hurt, homes are destroyed, and everything sucks for pretty much. Well, everyone except those at the top.

Seriously Though, Why WAR?

You might think we humans, the smartest species on the planet, could find a better way to sort out our problems. Why are we always ready to kill each other over land, resources, or even just different beliefs? We’re all just temporary visitors on Earth anyway!

So, leaders of the world, if you want to brawl to prove you’re the toughest, go ahead. But how about showing a little true strength and actually leading us to a better future without all the bloodshed? Is that too much to ask?


FAQs (Because the Internet Has All the Answers, Right?)

Q: Are wars really necessary?

A: No way! There’s gotta be a less destructive solution.

Q: But what about self-defense?

A: Totally different. Defending yourself is smart, starting a war just because you can is not.

Q: Can’t we just get along?

A: We should! But until then, can we at least agree that war is the worst way to solve problems?

Let’s Chat Do you agree, disagree, or want to add your own theories about why we have wars? Hit me up in the comments!

P. S. : While working on this blog, I came across an article on a letter from Freud to Sir Albert Einstein, you can give it a read !

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