Bull-chase: Confessions of a Crazy animal lover

My close encounter with a ‘fashion-conscious’ bull

My crazy experience of a bull-chase

Dear reader! Since I was a kid, I’ve been crazy about animals, especially cats – those awesome furballs that joined my quirky family. But a bull-chase has never been a part of my thoughts, even in my wildest dreams.

My love for animals

Let me spill the beans, my love for animals goes off the charts. I daydream about having my own animal hangout, taking in all kinds of cute critters to live with. I know…I know, it might sound a bit nuts, but trust me, there are more of us animal fanatics around than you’d guess! Speaking of wild stuff, have you heard about this dude Dein Schneider

He’s the real deal! He bought a bunch of land in South Africa and turned it into a paradise for all sorts of animals – lions, hyenas, wolves, cheetahs, and even capuchin monkeys. And get this, they’re all rescues, saved from those bad poacher guys.

Also, let me tell you, besides being an animal lover, Dein Schneider is easy on the eyes. If you’re not sure about him, just check him out on the internet. You’re welcome!

Blind trust is always dangerous

Now, let me get back to my wild story. I was just chilling, trying to stay dry in a heavy downpour by hanging out near a small tea shop. 

There was a bunch of guys doing the same thing. Feeling a bit awkward in the crowd, I decided to befriend a bull nearby.

Little did I know, this fashion-forward bull wasn’t a fan of my yellow kurta! The moment he gave me a disapproving look, people started yelling, and before I could moove (pun intended), I got a painful hit on my left knee. It was like he thought I was a matador and was ready to charge again!

The escape from bull-chase

Luckily, I dodged the fury of this one-horned fashion critic and found safety behind another shop. Phew! Cows are usually cool, I never saw a cow following a human, unless someone looked like a leaf! but bulls? Not so much!

 Lesson learned – never mess with a fashion-conscious bull or wear yellow around them!

A lesson learned

After that day, I spent a few days in bed, taking care of my swollen leg, rethinking my fashion choices, and promising never to tempt fate near any cow, horned or not. Every time I look at that bright yellow kurta in my closet, I can’t help but laugh at the memory of my crazy run-in with a bull!

So, fellow animal lovers, watch out in the animal kingdom. You never know when a fashion-forward bull chase become the bull run of Pamplona!


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